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Established in 2022, Fabergast functions as a streamlined, solo-run design studio. We work in tandem with a varied network of specialized professionals, each carefully chosen to meet the unique needs of individual projects. Our design approach is centered on creating visually captivating experiences that ensure consistency and provide inherent value. Our operations are based in Brussels and Paris.

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brand identity

Embarking on a new brand journey, or considering the revamp of an existing identity? We love sculpting beautiful identities that resonate with your values and vision. Challenges invigorate us, igniting our passion much like a potent cup of coffee. We propose a blend of collaboration and creativity, tempered with a hint of audacity, to craft a brand experience that is distinctively yours.


Creating websites involves more than just aesthetics; it's about producing intuitive, organized, and fully responsive platforms. Our expertise lies in Webflow and Shopify, yet we're versatile enough to accommodate other technologies. For teams with their own developers, we offer meticulously prepared Figma files and streamlined Flows, possibly nurturing an unexpected fondness for the art of diagramming.

UX/UI design

An old tale speaks of a user seamlessly traversing an application from start to end during a testing phase. This story, seemingly fantastical, is the reality we strive to create each day. Our approach involves crafting thoughtfully designed interfaces, developing concise and appropriate user flows, and occasionally breaking away from the standard of rounded buttons (or the use of Inter).


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brand strategy

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Audience Targeting
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brand identity

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webdesign & seo

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graphic design

Annual Report
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Interior Design

pro bono

We are available

It is with great pride that we allocate a portion of our time to supporting small associations that play pivotal roles in our societal structure. Should you have a design need, we invite you to join us for a convivial drink to explore how Fabergast can contribute to your cause.

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