the studio

Established by Geoffrey Adam in 2022, Fabergast is a creative studio built around a small hive mind of committed and experienced project-based specialists. Our philosophy is to engage people through an interesting and satisfying experience, rather than simply building levers to pull. Getting them to connect with a brand voluntarily rather than by trickery is paramount to us. We are based in Brussels, but available worldwide.

fields of expertise

How we can help you

brand creation

Fabergast has been involved in the creation of several brands that are now established and solid. Benefit from a reactive and experienced partner to guide you through the initial stages of designing your identity, or in a sustainable way over the long term for your communication.

audit of an existing brand

We're not rocket scientists, but we know our field. If you find that you're not on track with your goals, let's take the time to look together at where the problem might be and define an action plan to propel your brand forward.

Substantive projects

You're launching a new product, operation or brand, and you want to define an honest, human-centered approach to being on top of your communication game. Good! We love a challenge.


A new era in the life of a brand is often accompanied by a partial or complete rebranding, which can be triggered directly by strategic thinking, or simply by the desire to keep up with trends. Fabergast keeps the essence of your identity and makes it evolve, like a Pokemon.

everyday communication

Fabergast is at your disposal if you wish to outsource your communication. We are platform agnostic and we love long term collaborations. Feel free to take a look at the services we offer.


Our skills à la carte

brand strategy

Brand Audit
Audience Targeting
Value Proposition
Brand Message
User Experience

brand identity

Brand Guidelines
Tone of voice

webdesign & seo

Responsive Website
E-commerce Website
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Advertising
Web Analytics
GDPR compliance

graphic design

Annual Report
User Interface
Interior Design

social media

Target Audience Creation
Customer Acquisition Campaign
Brand Awareness Campaign
Retargeting Campaign
Social Media Analytics
Cross-Platform Consistency

pro bono

We are available

In these uncertain and sometimes tense times, we are proud to be able to give a little of our free time to contribute to the voice of associations and non-profits that are essential to the social fabric of our society. If you have a design or communication need, let's have a coffee and discuss how Fabergast can help you!

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