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I launched Fabergast in 2022 with the ambition to build projects and overcome challenges alongside my clients as a true partner. Capable of providing a wide range of services by myself, I am also able to assemble a team for more complex missions, collaborating with other experts. I am also available for outsourcing with agencies, whether for long-term projects or to save the day at the last minute.

Geoffrey Adam

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Whether it's an emerging brand or an established one, there is always a vision behind it. My job is to harmonize all the variables: mission, values, tone, all while considering the most important one: the audience. I guide you through this process until its final stage: the visual transcription, preferably one that you love.

web design

A website is not just about aesthetics and stylish animations; it's about designing intuitive, structured, and satisfying experiences. For the past few years, I have primarily worked with Webflow and Shopify, but I am also capable of preparing Figma files to be integrated on the platform of your choice.


User Experience, used either in preliminary research or as a methodological tool during the process depending on the project, is key to an interface that meets both the user's needs and the product's function. Of course, it will be beautiful! That's important! But it's not an end in itself.


All the skills à la carte


Brand Audit
Audience Targeting
Value Proposition
Brand Message
User Experience


Brand Guidelines
Tone of voice

web design & seo

Responsive Website
E-commerce Website
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Advertising
Web Analytics
GDPR compliance

graphic design

Annual Report
User Interface
Interior Design

pro bono

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It is with great pride that I dedicate a portion of my time to supporting small associations that play an essential role in our societal structure. I am currently a member of TEDxBrussels, which contributes in its own way to the narrative of this city that I am proud to call "my city" for the past decade.

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