A belgian based fast-food chain established in 2016, now currently with ten different locations around the kingdom’s cities, has also in the span of a couple of years, reached the top charts of apps such as UberEats, Deliveroo and TakeAway. Behind this rapid growth and popularity: the concept. Revolving around the “make it your own”, through an extensive custom-tailored offering over 200 different combos, YouWok reaches the whole demographic. Mixing the different well known Asian cuisine style, with the well known healthy and gourmet combination, from appetizers to desserts, through sides and main courses.


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2016 - Ongoing


Early 2010s, Europe is significantly behind the United States in the fast food experience sector, this mainly due to the poor reputation and association of such offers, but also with the lack of variety. The challenge was to distance the fast-food label with the trashy image it was stuck with. We have been with the brand from the start, working with its identity, implementing the current communication means and culture. Also, the brand’s values are reflected through the wooden interior designs, plant based materials, sending a Zen-like atmosphere.


In a span of five years, YouWok has webbed a solid network, opening ten restaurants, three of which are in the capital city of Brussels, which is usually closely guarded by larger brands and franchises. The brand has acquired a loyal client base, which has found in Asian cuisine, a food habit. Despite a fast-food market that has followed in the “superior quality” food, major events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, YouWok has managed to keep its business. The brand has strived to keep the momentum, doubling the number of restaurants in the coming years.