Founded in Belgium in 2017, BeCode is a distinctive programming school created in collaboration with the French academic group, Simplon. It strives to revolutionize the traditional educational paradigm, shifting the focus from diplomas to actual skills, especially in the IT sector where skilled professionals are in short supply. BeCode offers a variety of free courses, ranging from short-term programs to seven-month full-time courses, supported by several institutions and private groups.

When BeCode was conceptualized by Cedric Swaelens in 2017, we helped shape the school's brand identity and initial communication materials, with a strong emphasis on human connection and diversity. The brand's identity was designed to be unique and impactful, yet understated. This approach was enriched by sharing the stories of notable figures in computing and engineering, including celebrated women such as Margaret Hamilton and Ada Lovelace. Over five years, BeCode has expanded nationwide, with facilities in Flanders, Wallonia, and Brussels. It has remained true to its commitment to gender equality and diversity, launching an all-female IT training program in 2021, backed by Microsoft. By 2023, BeCode had trained over 3000 students, with a majority finding jobs in their chosen field or successfully launching their ventures. In essence, BeCode has fostered more than just an educational institution; it has cultivated a unique cultural ethos.

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Brand Identity
Graphic Design

2017 - 2018