BeCode is a Belgian founded 2017 programming school, partnered with the French academic group Simplon. The goal was to contribute to the debut of a skill focused education, instead of the standardized diplomas. This was to compensate the shortage of candidates and able employees in sectors such as the IT sector. Employees who would gladly retrain and better themselves to attain such employment. BeCode then offers many different courses, ranging from a several weeks to 7 months full time program, entirely free of charge. These courses are supported by a certain number of institutions and private groups.


Brand Identity
Graphic Design

2017 - 2018


When Cedric Swaelens set up this project back in 2017, we participated in the elaboration of the school’s brand identity and its first communication materials. The focus was highlighting the human component and the ever so present diversity that would soon become BeCode’s DNA. Modern and striking identity not seen elsewhere were the keywords to the brand’s design, alongside a discreet façade. The program reinforced its attractiveness by reminiscing the conversations and actions of famous people who pioneered in computing and computer engineering, especially women such as Margaret Hamilton or Ada Lovelace, which is considered the world's first computer programmer.


Over the past five years, BeCode has grown, opened several other establishments, in Flanders and Wallonia, offering its tutoring model in five locations across the country, Brussels included. Eager to follow its set path upon gender equality and diversity, BeCode launched an IT training in 2021, program that was to be supported by Microsoft and entirely devoted to women. By 2022, BeCode has trained over 1500 students, two thirds of whom have found a field related employment, and/or initiated successful stories. Far beyond the academics, BeCode has managed to create its own culture, with its own codes.