Three countries and 42 stores strong, AlterSmoke has set itself high in the top European electronic cigarette brands. The brand has set itself to be a producer of e-liquids, and so to become a reference in terms of quality, traceability and expertise in the whole sector. Alongside the physical stores, the e-commerce branch allows the customers ease of access to supply when stores are out of reach.

France, Belgium & Switzerland

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Webdesign & SEO
Graphic Design
Social Media

2012 - 2021


The electronic-cigarette market now a stable and mature one, has seen many developments and a boom over the last decade. Like any recent product arriving on the market, the legal framework surrounding it has been progressively put in place. Hence, we have partnered with the brand’s creators a three-front plan for it’s development: store and product design, communication methods and, education about the electronic cigarette subject, through various scientific and institutional publication sources.


In 2022, despite the various obstacles and impediments imposed by both legislation and a non-friendly environment caused by the COVID-19 crisis, AlterSmoke has set itself to be part of the daily landscape, with now a decade of experience and knowledge as baggage. With its own recognizable image, stores in shopping centers in several French and Belgian cities, developing the brand’s visibility and accessibility. AlterSmoke, despite a market evolving daily, has strived to transmit and inform its customers with the news surrounding e-cigarettes, setting once more the brand in a top-of-the-basket level of commitment and quality expertise level.